PSeries Progression / Freeride


PERFORMANCE FEATURES Three strut Delta design Low to medium aspect ratio Moderate and smooth turning speed Grunty power. Sheet in to ride Ultra-stable flying characteristics Automatic relaunch Innovative tangle free bridle setup Additional leading edge reinforcements for wear and tear protection DESIGNER QUOTE The PS is designed to learn kiteboarding as safe [...]

WSeries Wave / Freeride


PERFORMANCE FEATURES Three strut Open-C Hybrid design Medium aspect ratio Rapid and direct pivot turning characteristics Stable downwind drift Absorbs gusts and provides control in light winds Light bar pressure for single hand control Exceptional control of power and steering Techno Force™ X4 Ripstop canopy DESIGNER QUOTE The WS is an extension [...]

Cometa RSeries Cross Over / Freeride


PERFORMANCE FEATURES Three strut Delta-Hybrid shape Ultra-versatile high-performance kite Medium to high aspect ratio Quick and smooth turning Made for Big Air and long hangtime Great upwind performance and wind range Techno Force™ X4 Ripstop canopy Light wind sizes (14 & 17m) equipped with 3 m extensions DESIGNER QUOTE We designed the [...]

Cometa FSeries FreeStyle/FreeRide


PERFORMANCE FEATURES Five strut Open-C design High aspect ratio Fast and powerful turning characteristics Plenty of line slack for freestyle tricks Kite for big airs and extreme loops Good upwind performance and great stability Techno Force™ X4 Ripstop canopy Light wind sizes (14 & 16 m) are equipped with 3 m extensions [...]